Nuts & Caramels

The difference is in the details.

Chocolate Caramel. Salty and sweet has always been the perfect pair. Our rich and creamy house-made chocolate caramel selections are decadent and precisely infused with a little something extra. Choose from one of our classics or try our customers favourite, chocolate caramels topped with fleur de sel.

Chocolate and nuts have always be made to go together. With a touch of crunch and a silky finish, you can experience both flavours in our range of nutty recipes.


 Vanilla Bourbon Caramel Sauce Salted Caramel Sauce with Vanilla & Bourbon
Soft creamy caramel with Vanilla and Bourbon infusion. This caramel  sauce is delicious on ice cream, pancakes, and toast.



Indulge in soft creamy caramel in delicious milk chocolate. 
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 
Indulge in soft honey-caramel in delicious milk chocolate.
Coffee Caramel
Freshly brewed coffee, soft creamy caramel in dark chocolate.
Milk Chocolate Caramels 
Milk Chocolate
Smooth creamy caramel in milk chocolate, with a sprinkle of fleur du sel.

Dark Chocolate Caramel 
Dark Chocolate
Smooth creamy caramel in dark chocolate, with a sprinkle of fleur du sel.

Exotic Caramel
White chocolate dome with caramel infused with pineapple, mango, passion fruit and lychee

Nut Based

Creamy delicious Pistachio mousse in decadent white chocolate.
Maple Pecan 
Maple syrup ganache with pecans, in a white and dark chocolate shell. 

Hazelnut in milk and white chocolate

Oh Canada 
Oh Canada 
(Vegan Friendly)
A patriotic dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut treat.

(Vegan Friendly)
Crunchy Mediterranean almonds in dark chocolate.
(Vegan Friendly)
In-house made hazelnut paste from with freshly roasted hazelnut paste. 


Milk Chocolate Heartbeat

Dark Chocolate Heartbeat