About Us

Creating the perfect chocolate ganache is a combination of art, inspiration and true vision.


At ChocolaTas, chocolate is our art, and we love what we do. Master Chocolatier Wim Tas has a unique talent for finding the perfect balance of flavour and texture, thus creating the most exquisite chocolates. Maintaining a passion for both his business and bringing customers the ultimate chocolate experience, Wim works hard to ensure that every customer who indulges in our products is enchanted.  

He is supported by an incredible team who are dedicated to making his vision a beautiful reality. Our attention to detail is reflected in the elegance of the final products. From the moment chocolate is poured into a mould, to the final bow being tied on the packaging, ChocolaTas strives to bring unparalleled sophistication and a flavourful adventure to the senses.


Wim and his team are so thankful for all the families, businesses and individuals that include ChocolaTas as part of their celebrations. It makes us proud to provide an exceptional product, that brings joy to so many people.