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Dairy and Vegan Chocolate

Handcrafted with care by us, for you.

When it comes to chocolate you should never have to worry about making compromises when it comes to flavour. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or dairy-restricted, you’ll find no added milk and no added dairy ingredients in any of these chocolates – just the deep, nuanced flavour you’d expect from any type of chocolate. Our dairy free, gluten free and vegan chocolate is sumptuous tasting with a refined texture that just melts in the mouth. Come try them for yourself!


 Oh Canada

A patriotic dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut treat.


Homemade Hazelnut

An organic hazelnut from Oregon Coast with freshly roasted hazelnut paste.



Mediterranean almonds in dark chocolate.


Almond & Grape Jelly

A peanut free twist on a classic pair.