Our Chocolates

The difference is in the details.

What makes our Belgian chocolate different. A question that has been ask a million times. In Wim Tas’s opinion – Belgian chocolate origin and reputation is related to the quality and the attention that has been put into the process that takes a cocoa bean into a chocolate. It’s making that Belgian chocolate so fine and smooth that it melts away. Belgian chocolate is smooth, fruity and leaves a gentle taste. 16PC-D-assortment-2 The main part of our selection are chocolate ganaches. A ganache is a smooth creamy chocolate infused with delightful flavours. This is one of our hallmark treats. Our line includes flavours like earl grey, mocha, Single Malt Whiskey , lavender , green tea, curry …and many more . The ganache is the vehicle that when the smoothness dissolves, the richness of the chocolate is exposed and the decadent flavour erupts and makes a beautifully appearance. 5pc-salted-webChocolaTas chocolates have a limited shelf life – for the simple reason that we don’t use preservatives our stabilizers in our chocolates. Not all chocolates with a long shelf life are bad, don’t get us wrong, they use other vehicles to carry the flavour – like for example coconut – is  healthy alternative. The other options ChocolaTas uses is the wonderful sweetness of sugar. Caramel is sugar , cream and butter , the process of manufacturing makes the shelf stability.