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Chocolate is our art, and we love what we do.

Creating the perfect chocolate ganache is a combination of art, inspiration and true vision. ~ Belgian artisanal chocolate maker WIM TAS

Wim’s unique talent for finding the perfect balance of flavour and texture creates the most exquisite chocolates. As owner in partnership with Wim, Veve enhances his creativity with attention to detail and planning. Her own individual talent is reflected in the elegance of the final products. They both share a passion for their business and are inspired daily to bring customers the ultimate Chocolatas experience. They are also supported by an incredible team who are dedicated to making their overall vision a beautiful reality! 
Wim and Veve are so thankful for all the families that include ChocolaTas as part of their celebrations. It makes them proud to provide an exceptional product that brings joy to so many people.
Wim and Veve

Our Chocolates

Pepper and mango, dark raspberry chocolate ganache and yougurth and raspberry. Just a few of the amazing flavours we offer. Which will be your favourite?

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Specialty Products

When it's time to celebrate, you need the perfect chocolate. We offer unique chocolate shapes, specialty flavours and custom treats for your special occasions!

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Online Store

If you're craving great chocolate and you need to have it now, visit our online store! We carry a wonderful selection of chocolate treats we know you'll love!

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