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Chocolate is our art, and we love what we do.

Creating the perfect chocolate ganache is a combination of art, inspiration and true vision. ~ Belgian chocolate maker WIM TAS

Creating a perfect balance between the chocolate  ganache; the flavour and the chocolate is what inspired Wim Tas to become a  Master Chocolate maker. Finding this balance and translate this in a consistency in quality is not as easy as it appears.  When working with chocolate the attention to detail matters! <p/p> When he first met his business partner  Veve, it was their love of chocolate and passion for creating it that drew them together. In 2002, they immigrated to Canada to share their delicious obsession. Their unique line of chocolate ganache  flavours are created using natural ingredients from around the world. Whether it’s ginger, gin or pistachio’s, Wim and Veve search the globe for inspired flavours that will delight your palate. <p/p> The beauty of real chocolate is that it’s meant to be savoured soon after it’s created. ChocolaTas chocolates contain real, wholesome and fresh ingredients, which means that they have a short shelf life. Wim Tas describes each piece as a “little jewel”, and it’s his love for the product and his dedication to excellence in his field that makes his work “art”. <p/p>CLICK HERE for a list of where to purchase our Salted Milk and Dark Salted Caramels! <p/p>
Maitre Chocolatiers Wim & Veve Tas

Our Chocolates

Pepper and mango, dark raspberry chocolate ganache and yougurth and raspberry. Just a few of the amazing flavours we offer. Which will be your favourite?

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When it's time to celebrate, you need the perfect chocolate. We offer unique chocolate shapes, specialty flavours and custom treats for your special occasions!

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If you're craving great chocolate and you need to have it now, visit our online store! We carry a wonderful selection of chocolate treats we know you'll love!

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